Episode #101 – A Rainy Day in Manchester

In episode #101, it rained all morning. So Sacha took Sarah and I to an art gallery and then we ate amazing vegan food at V Revolution with Felicity. This place rules! Then we take a bus from Manchester to the airport and fly to Brussels.


Episode #94 – Last Day in Paris

In episode #94, Sarah​ and I walk around Paris in the rain. I eat the worst vegan dish at Veget’ Halles restaurant, we watch two guys try to fight each other, the Arc de Triomphe, and go to the Eiffel Tower, and listen to a man singing on the subway.

Episode #36 – PLANT itaewon, seoul

in this episode, we show you PLANT, an all vegan cafe in Itaewon.

review by sarah:

this is one of our favorite places in seoul.
PLANT is an all vegan cafe. this is incredible since if we want to have an all veg menu we usually have to go to the religion crazy loving huts.

the restaurant is run by mipa, the rather popular blogger for Alien’s Day Out.

she bakes and makes some amazing lunch type meals. the baked goods range from cake slices and cookies to scones and oreo brownies. the meals are usually some sort of sandwich, wrap, curry, or stew with a side. baked goods range from ₩2000-5500 and the meals are ₩12000.

i’m in there about 2-3 times a month. i probably should lay off going out so much but i justify it by telling myself im just supporting an all vegan establishment 😉