Christmas in Korea

Christmas was a few days ago but I wanted to take the time to gather all of the pictures together of my take on how Korea celebrates Christmas. This Santa Claus is next door to Indigo where we teach. When you walk by it, the Gangnam style song plays and he dances. I have video that will be a future conleys overseas episode.


In my classes we talked about Christmas and had the students do crossword puzzles and worksheets. We also discussed the differences between Christmas in America and Korea. There are a few things but overall it wasn’t too much different.


I let the students write what they wanted for Christmas on the board.


Sarah had her students color christmas lights and put their names on them.


My students did a lot of Christmas worksheets that helped build their vocabulary words, and I put them up in my classroom.


Here is the tree that is up in the lobby:


The day before Christmas, we had a Christmas party and the students made Christmas cards.


The students also played a bunch of games like jenga and ate snacks.IMG_20131224_161355

Some students colored these and gave them to us.


There were various decorations around the school.

IMG_20131224_184124 IMG_20131224_184133IMG_20131224_184030

Today was our last day of work before the break!

No school until January 6th!

Stay tuned for more!


Christmas Craft Friday

So it is Friday once again which means we have our special classes.¬†This week we did crafts with a Christmas theme. The students made stockings and wrote “Merry Christmas” or “Merry X-Mas” or “Meris” on them. Some did better than others with spelling but more importantly they all had fun.


not sure what happened here.








Next week we are having a Christmas Party with the kids and it should be a lot of fun!

Stay tuned!

Christmas Craft Friday the 13th

That is a long title but it is all true. Today was Friday the 13th, but that doesn’t mean anything here.

But because it was Friday it did mean that we did Crafts! We hadn’t made crafts in about a month so it was long overdue. This Friday was Christmas themed because can you believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away?!

This craft was all Sarah’s doing. She came up with making Christmas trees and wreaths out of pipe cleaner. No link for this one, just take green pipe cleaner, bend it to the shape of a triangle, and wrap red, silver, blue across and down like lights until you get to the bottom. add more colors to make it festive and a star on top. Wreath is the same way, make a circle and wrap red and green or whatever color you like. This craft is great for level 1’s all the way up to adults!

As you will see below, our students loved it.


Sarah is explaining how to make the trees



the finished tree


christmas trees and wreaths

Here is a gallery of all the craft-making.

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One of our students made Santa Claus glasses with Santa Claus’s wearing glasses. How cool and clever is that?

IMG_20131213_185356 IMG_20131213_185552

Just be prepared because you will be cleaning up a lot of glitter!


With Christmas only 2 weeks away, we will having more christmas themed posts, so stay tuned!

Craft Fridays

On Fridays we have special classes. These include watching a movie, learning grammar and special subjects, and making crafts. These rotate about every 2 or so weeks.
A little while ago we had a craft Friday which the kids always seem to love. Making things instead of studying, who wouldn’t love that!?

This time we made these things out of yarn, chop sticks and chestnuts. Here is the link for the craft:


It worked surprisingly well for all age groups. Here is how they turned out.

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Next month we are going to start doing Christmas crafts like ornaments and things so it should be fun.