about sean

sean. 29.

born in nashville, raised in murfreesboro, and moved back to nashville. let’s just say i’ve spent my entire life in tennessee until the move to portland, oregon in the summer of 2013. being in the same state my whole life has been a reason I have wanted to travel so much.

I love to travel and have toured/traveled through Europe 6 times, visiting 15 countries. I’ve also been all over the states. I have no plans to stop traveling and now that I am teaching in Korea, southeast asia is next on the list. I want to see the world. I am a photographer/documentarian so I take pictures all the time. I recently bought a 5d mkii so you will definitely see pictures on here. I also make short films/music videos and video projects which will include video logs on here. I am a musician, although on hiatus from my last band. My instrument of choice is drums, but I have played bass, guitar and keyboards in the past. I run a small d.i.y. label, and a bunch of blogs that I don’t keep up enough with. when I have time to read, I really enjoy a good book. I love music and I love films. i have been skateboarding for half my life and have broken bones and a metal plate to prove it.

no one asked but i’m going to tell you anyway. i’ve been meat free for 10 years and vegan for the last 5. this has caused a little bit of ostracization in asia but where there is a will there is always a way.

teaching runs in my family and i’ve managed to teach everything from kindergarten to adults over the last 10 years.

this blog serves not only as documentation but hopefully will give you insight into what it is like as a foreigner to work and travel overseas.


self-portrait. fukuoka, japan (october 2013)

lately I spend my time skateboarding, filming, editing photos, listening to music, and of course teaching a lot.

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