Leaving Sinpyeong

We left Sinpyeong and said our goodbyes to all of our students and staff. IMG_20140227_185552IMG_20140226_152432IMG_20140227_185052 IMG_20140227_184948 IMG_20140227_184348 IMG_20140227_184357   IMG_20140227_180137 IMG_20140227_180050 IMG_20140227_175606   IMG_20140227_175408 IMG_20140227_175033 IMG_20140227_174924 IMG_20140227_170411 IMG_20140227_165858   IMG_20140226_184914 IMG_20140226_184904 IMG_20140226_184853 IMG_20140226_182911 IMG_20140226_175506 IMG_20140226_152519 1393387342794 IMG_20140227_144033 IMG_20140227_141259



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