Christmas Craft Friday the 13th

That is a long title but it is all true. Today was Friday the 13th, but that doesn’t mean anything here.

But because it was Friday it did mean that we did Crafts! We hadn’t made crafts in about a month so it was long overdue. This Friday was Christmas themed because can you believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away?!

This craft was all Sarah’s doing. She came up with making Christmas trees and wreaths out of pipe cleaner. No link for this one, just take green pipe cleaner, bend it to the shape of a triangle, and wrap red, silver, blue across and down like lights until you get to the bottom. add more colors to make it festive and a star on top. Wreath is the same way, make a circle and wrap red and green or whatever color you like. This craft is great for level 1’s all the way up to adults!

As you will see below, our students loved it.


Sarah is explaining how to make the trees



the finished tree


christmas trees and wreaths

Here is a gallery of all the craft-making.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of our students made Santa Claus glasses with Santa Claus’s wearing glasses. How cool and clever is that?

IMG_20131213_185356 IMG_20131213_185552

Just be prepared because you will be cleaning up a lot of glitter!


With Christmas only 2 weeks away, we will having more christmas themed posts, so stay tuned!


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