Let Us Teach Your Children!

This is an advertisement for our school. Yes there are more than 3 teachers that work here. But we are the only foreign teachers. It is a very small town so word has gotten around that we are a great academy but sometimes you have to really prove it.

We have been told that Korea is a “wait and see” culture. Since we are a brand new academy, parents are waiting to see results before they sign their children up to go here. This is an important time for the academy because the new school year is starting in a few months. Families like to wait for the school break to make changes and end or start new contracts. Between these ads around town and over 60% of our students making 100s on their standardized English tests, I’d say we are likely to be enrolling a lot of new students. Pretty exciting stuff. We are glad our contract choice has been working out so well and that we are contributing to the hagwon’s success.



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