Going to the Movies

We have been to the movies twice now.
Sarah found a site that not only lists English films playing in Korea but the site itself is in English and easy to navigate: Cine in Korea
One big difference we noticed about going to the movies in Korea is that when you purchase your tickets you purchase specific seats. This was great for us since we aren’t close to the theater and therefore have to plan ahead.  And also great for groups so they don’t get split up. I guess if you usually plan last minute but arrive early this wouldn’t be as great to you.
The theater we go to is Lotte Cinema in Seosan, which is about a 30 minute drive from us.


lotte owns everything apparently

Lotte Cinema is very interesting. On the bottom floor your purchase your tickets and it has tables to sit down and eat and in the back there is an arcade. You can buy everything you normally would at a theater, popcorn, candy, soda. But they also sell juice and the popcorn has flavors like caramel, kettle, onion, and regular. Also, you can buy beer. The bathroom is for one person at a time. I’m just kidding.


i’m not a men, i’m a man

Per Sarah’s request, we saw Thor 2: The Dark World in October.


waaaay better than the first thor

And then this past weekend we saw  Catching Fire, the second installment in The Hunger Games. Again, Sarah. We got popcorn, soda, and I got a beer! A soda is 2,000 ($2), a large popcorn is 4500 ($4.50) and my beer was only 3,000 won ($3). Pretty good prices.


better than the first film

Back home we probably wouldn’t go to the movies as often. But it is nice to be able to do something here in Korea that feels so normal. 2 hours of English with cultural references we easily understand. It is a nice break every once in a while.

It is unfortunate that some films I am interested in haven’t and probably won’t make it over here. But there are some big hollywood movies coming out in 2014 so we will definitely be seeing more films here.


2 thoughts on “Going to the Movies

  1. I love the fact that you can buy a bottle of beer and some pizza and eat/drink this in front of the big screen. I will be heading out to Korea for Christmas and it would be great to meet up you both. Perhaps I could meet your students! Let me know your thoughts.

    Also there is a big competition coming up for the festive period (more details soon on my website next week) and it would be great to see you get involved. Anyhow, some wonderful posts and glad to see that movie culture is still alive and kicking in Korea.

    • Martin,

      Yeah there are places in Portland, Oregon where we used to live where you can buy beer, pizza, french fries, and sit on comfy couches. We miss that so it is nice to have something similar.

      We would definitely be interested in meeting up! We are in a tiny town a few hours from Seoul but
      send me an email at seanrconley@gmail.com and we can work out some details.

      I could be interested in this competition. What are the details?

      Thanks for the comment and support.


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