Episode #2 – Itaewon, Seoul

In episode #2 I discuss our trip to Itaewon while walking through one of the back alleys.

This is only the 2nd video log so I am just now getting my bearings. I want to do more with these. I am planning to start doing videos about the pros and cons of living in korea. The things I love, the things I hate. I would like to make them “episodes.”

Coming up in a future episode is a video of a walk through of our apartment. I also have some video from Fukuoka as well as Itaewon that will take some time to put together.

What would you guys like to see videos of? I would love some ideas so let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Episode #2 – Itaewon, Seoul

    • Thanks for the comment Martin. Sarah and I are both vegan so we don’t really have a favorite restaurant as in we haven’t been able to find any with meat free options. But we could review favorite supermarkets and what we buy from there. That is actually a pretty good idea. We could do like a grocery list post and where we go to get certain things. Thanks for the ideas.

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