Alien Registration Card

We are official and want to share it.

Once you arrive in Korea with an E-2 visa you begin the process for obtaining an Alien Registration Card. It’s your form of identification while living in the country. To be eligible you must have your E-2 visa and a health assessment. An employer, recruiter, or supervisor will take you for the health assessment in the first week. The health assessment was a quick process checking vision, hearing, blood pressure, height, weight, blood samples, and a urine test. Basically it’s less about how healthy you are and more about if you can pass a drug test.

Well we can, and we did. So we went with our boss to the immigration office in Seosan and filed our paperwork.


the boonies’ closest branch


on the 6st floor

It then took about two weeks for us to get the card part of the alien registration card. We were pretty excited. With this we could finally get a bank account and spend all our hard earned money.







This kinda reminds me of a drivers license. In the sense that since you can never take a good passport photo, you will never have a good ARC photo. Maybe I can show the kids my ID and scare them into behaving?


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