11-11 Pepero Day!

Today, 11-11 is a national asian holiday. In Korea they call it 빼빼로 (Pepero Day.) The students give teachers and each other pocky sticks. The other comparable holiday would be Valentines Day.


Pepero, or Pocky is essentially a cookie stick dipped in chocolate. It is called “Pocky Day” in Japan. This is because the 11-11 look like 4 pocky sticks together. The pocky sticks come in many flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, almond, and “nude.”


At the end of the day this is how much pepero Sarah and I both had!

It has been fun learning the different holidays. You can read more about Pepero Day here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepero


One thought on “11-11 Pepero Day!

  1. In the UK, the 11th November is a very important date and is related to paying respects to those that gave and those that are currently giving their life to for our very precious peace during war. Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday and it was a very special day for us Brits.

    Anyhow, any excuse to have a bit chocolate is always a plus and I would definitely eat up the Pepero and Choco Pies. Enjoy the day and all the candy. Did you get that huge tube of Pepero which contains hundreds of packets of Pepero? That is wonderful!

    You might learn about the Korean Valentine’s Day and White Day. Ask your colleagues about this.

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