Happy Halloween from Korea!

Indigo Academy was in full Halloween mode today. All of the staff dressed up in costumes. The kids went to each teacher’s classroom to trick or treat and the lobby was full of snack food. It was a fun, hectic, exciting day.

As a special treat we made a haunted room, which the kids renamed “ghost room.” It was full of glow sticks, scary sounds, skeletons, cobwebs, glow in the dark tape, and a stuffed person with noodles as guts and everything. The kids were super excited, especially since I’m pretty sure they don’t usually celebrate Halloween.

We are trying out a slideshow for pictures. Let us know if you like this better than scrolling down the page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Korea!

  1. Again, I love the photos and the slideshow is great. It looked like all the kids had fun and overdosed on sugar. It would be great if you could start video blogging to get the low-down on teaching in Korea and a teacher’s experience in South East Asia.

    Have a looked at an old video from a popular vlogger now (related to Halloween):

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