Board Classroom Management

Get it, “board” as in bored.

Bored might not even be the right word. It’s more of an inattentive thing.

It happens.  By time the kids get to class at 8, 9, 10 at night they have given up. In fact, it seems to be the norm with a lot of my older classes. Getting them on task can be a hassle.

Hassle might not be the word. It’s more of an annoyance.

It should have been common sense, but it only just kicked in for me that I should not only say what we are doing but write it out as well. The rhythm of class runs smoother when the kids know (mostly) what to expect.


forty-five minutes of fun

I also cross out things as we complete them. The kids love that part, sometimes they clap or cheer. Especially with their textbook work, that is the major hurdle to their fun time. Even though, honestly, I don’t think the book is that bad. But then again, I never went to school all day as a kid.

If we finish everything then I write two more options on the board as our fun “learning activity” aka game. We vote, play rock, paper, scissors, whatever, to pick one. But regardless, the options go on the board. They are picking up on the fact that we have to do the board before we can “have fun” so they are rapidly getting better at self-motivated work. It’s been a great turn around and I no longer have to pull the “do your work” face.

It’s been a great help to classroom management. And as the teacher, I always know what I should be doing. Cause ya know, we get off task and forget the boring stuff too.


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