A Few Days in Fukuoka, Japan

Here are some pictures from our time in Japan. We went to the fukuoka castle, walked by the river and went to the markets in the chuo ward. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to go back to Japan.

IMG_20131001_193740IMG_20131003_075233IMG_20131003_08004313 - 8 (1)13 - 1 (1)fukuoka temples - 113 - 1 (4)13 - 5 13 - 713 - 8 13 - 9 13 - 11 fukuoka castle - 2 fukuoka castle - 3IMG_20131003_082116 IMG_20131004_113912IMG_20131023_133412

13 - 1 (3)


2 thoughts on “A Few Days in Fukuoka, Japan

  1. Great pictures, I was just in Fukuoka last month. It was only for a day but I do recognize the castle ruins area with the park next to it. A really nice city, I hope I can go back again someday.

    • Thank you. I am looking at your blog now and notice you have been to Hong Kong. I hope to visit there as well as a lot of south east asia on our breaks from teaching.
      Fukuoka was a very impressive city. It was both my wife and my first time in Japan. The people were friendly, parks were beautiful and the Fukuoka Castle ruins were awesome. Thanks for your comment.

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