The E-2 Process Complete

Just in case our previous document posts weren’t enough we have a final document post for you. We present pictures of what your documents done correctly will look like. At the end of this a fancy E-2 visa awaits.

First off, what the apostilles will look like. Official, half empty pieces of paper. Voila. We have pdfs on here because we had to send scans for a lot of our applications. You should just assume you have to do the same and scan them with your smart phone or at Kinkos.




So the FBI apostille should be exactly the same since you are getting it from the US Department of State. Your diploma notary and apostille will look different because states use different documents. But it gives you the general idea.

Not bad for a few weeks of tireless effort and annoying hurdles. Those three scans just don’t do the documents process justice. You can really see how much work you did once you line it all up together.


From the top:

Health Assessment signed
Contract signed
Resume with photo and signed
Notarized and Apostilled Diploma
Apostilled FBI CBC
2 Passport photos
and Apostilled Vital Marriage Record

That’s right. We/You did it. Congratulations! Your year in Korea is gonna finally happen.

Just kidding. Now it’s time to play the waiting game.

Once you have that pile of documents you will mail it to your school or recruiter. Mailing to Korea can take about a week. Then you have to wait for Immigration to process your paperwork. That’s another 2 weeks. Then you get your Visa Issuance Number. Next you send the visa number to your Korean Consulate with a visa application and your passport (go to your consulate website to verify their visa application process, you might need more paperwork). That can take 1-2 weeks or more depending on your consulate (I would call way in advance, like while still collecting your documents so you know what time frame to give your employer). Once your passport comes back with a visa then you can go to Korea.

Remember when I said to make sure you apply and accept a contract at least 4+ weeks from the day you want to start? That’s because of this process.

And here it is. All that work. All those applications. All those fees. It’s done. Your passport has a shiny sticker and it says you can stay. Congratulations. For real this time.


You’re going to Korea.




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