In episode #40, my 5 and 6 year olds sing a Those Lavender Whales song, “I’m So Proud of My Friends.” This episode is for Aaron Graves, a friend of mine who is going through treatment for an inoperable brain tumor.

You can donate money to help pay for medical bills here:

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This song is available on a compilation, “Tidings from Our Light Purple Gam” available here:



Episode #40 – I’m So Proud of My Friends

I’ve been super busy lately with work, but I have also spent the last 6 weeks working on a trailer for a mini-documentary about the skateboarding scene in Korea as told by Seoul native, Wongyu Kim.

If you like it, please follow the link and vote for it.

It is hosted by the British Film Institute, Prime and Fire Selects, and Talenthouse in collaboration with Sidewalk Magazine.

Directed and Edited by Sean Conley
Written by Serey Siv
Translated by Hoeun Choi
Starring Wongyu Kim
Music by A L M E E V A

“Marble City” Mini-Documentary Contest